Carpe Mundi

About our Non-Profit

Established in 2008, Carpe Mundi is a nonprofit organization that aims to alleviate familial poverty by supporting low-income, first-generation college students through a transformative year of college. Through active mentorship, a service-learning semester abroad, and local internships, students gain a year of college credit, global perspective, and a greater sense of self.

To facilitate the trips abroad, Carpe Mundi partners with Carpe Diem Education, a prestigious Portland-based operator of international experiential learning programs that sends over 180 college students abroad each year.

Carpe Mundi provides personal and professional support for scholarship recipients before and after the travel experience through a network of strategic partners, including Future Connect, Portland State University and Worksystems Inc. This network provides students access to local resources for educational development, career advising and internships, and leadership opportunities that help them translate their travel experiences into a positive impact on the Portland community.

In support of our Carpe College Program, we also offer World CLASS and Transformative Travel Groups.

Carpe Mundi recently underwent a name change, transitioning away from the International Carpe Diem Foundation in order to reflect the expansion of its program as more than a simple scholarship provider.


Carpe Mundi transforms economically disadvantaged Portland youth into globally engaged change-makers.


Carpe Mundi strives to create dramatic and sustainable improvements in Portland area communities while increasing global awareness, understanding and empathy.


  • TRANSFORMATIVE EDUCATION: We believe that the most transformational and lasting educational experiences are the ones that require hands-on engagement, personal investment, ownership and responsibility, leadership and stretching outside of our comfort zones.
  • PASSION: We believe that passion is a best indicator of success and happiness. We believe experiential education, service-learning and international travel programs are the best way to help students discover and explore what they are passionate about.
  • LEARNING COMMUNITIES: We believe that learning is maximized when students have the ability to relate, reflect and open up to others engaging in the same process. We believe learning communities allow students to explore the roles and patterns they each take on within and across different communities.


Carpe College Program Application

The application should take about 2 hours to complete.
Click here to download the application for the 2015/2016 cohort.

Student Application.

Accepted applicants demonstrate a high financial need, leadership within their communities and a commitment to social justice, personal development, and global citizenship.

Students must demonstrate:

  • Residence in the Portland/Vancouver area of Oregon or Washington
  • High school diploma by the time the program begins
  • Acceptance to Portland State University (or average PSU SAT/ACT scores and average GPA)
  • Eligibility for the Pell Grant
  • First generation college student (no more than one immediate family member can have a college degree)